Getting into college is the culmination of all of your hard work in school. It also requires a well-thought-out plan.


Set yourself up to succeed by starting early, learning about colleges' expectations and making the most of your contacts.

Senior Year Checklist

  • Apply for all colleges and universities on “top schools list” during the fall semester

  • Visit/contact all schools that award acceptance

  • Contact the final school of choice, as well as other schools that have awarded acceptance

  • Apply for the FAFSA on January 1st of your senior year (or shortly thereafter)

  • Apply for scholarships and other financial aid awards throughout the year

  • Maintain good grades

Find out how to get started and move through high school to the college of your dreams.


Flint Community Schools students have an


Students with the place-based scholarship can use the funds for a 2 or 4-year degree programs, as well as certain trades programs.


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