Every Flint Community School has a Community Resource Room 


Students who thrive in school tend to have strong families, working with teachers to support learning at home and at school. At the same time, schools that support family involvement enjoy a positive school climate, a richer school curriculum, more support from families and the community, and better teacher morale.


Community Resource Rooms brings it all together.


A community resource room located in school is our way of showing parents that they are very important in the education of their children.


Community Resource Rooms give parents the chance to feel welcome and involved in school. They provide a place for parents to meet face-to- face with staff members and other parents, forming friendly and child-centered relationships.

Community Resource Rooms

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Communicating. Join the Newsletter for event and activity updates, click HERE.


Volunteering.  A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available at different times and locations to make it possible for everyone to volunteer. Please complete the following form to get started.


Learning at Home. Check with your Family Engagement Facilitator for online educational games that support academic achievement.


Decision making. Be an advocate in your child's education join the Title I City Wide Executive Board, click HERE for online forms.

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Partnering with the Community. Flint Community has established partnerships for parents to obtain resources in the school and community that strengthen families and support children’s learning and development. For more information, click on the logos below.

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