Parent involvement helps to promote academic success!


At Title I E.S.S.A. Citywide Parent Advisory Council parent meetings, we explain the requirements of Title I and provide a description of services related to school and parent activities, including:

  • Distribute and discuss our parental involvement policy;

  • Discuss our curriculum, assessments, and the proficiency levels students are expected to attain;

  • Informing you of the services available to eligible students and parents;

  • Seek suggestions for improving student academic achievement.

Title I  E.S.S.A. Citywide

PAC Parent Meetings are open to the public.



To download a copy of the 2019-2020 schedule, CLICK HERE!


For more information,

please contact

Pam Miller

Title I City-Wide Executive Board Coordinator

(810) 760-1740

Ashley Strozier - Chair Lady

Brittny Giles - Vice Chair Lady

Linda Hopkins - Secretary

Paula Johnson - Assistant Secretary

Anita Wicham - Parliamentarian

Jeanette Edwards - Sargent of Arms

Lisa Tripplett -  Newsletter Editor

Click the link above.  All meeting questions and answers will be on this link.

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